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The sports this year are presented below. The competition rules will soon be published on our channels.

Swedish championships for students (student-SM):




Champions of Studentiaden

The titel “champions of Studentiaden” is a association price that goes to the association that gathered most points in both student-SM and the tournaments under the competition weekend. Competing gives you points, which means that active associations who participate in many activities have a good chance to win against a association that takes SM-medals but are not represented in as many activities.

“Champions of Studentiaden” follows this  scoring system:


  • Gold - 30 points
  • Silver - 20 points
  • Bronze - 10 points



  • Gold - 30 points
  • Silver - 20 points
  • Bronze - 10 points

Points for each single participant - 20 points

Are you up for the  challenge?


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