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SAIF have a Folksam sports insurance which will cover every participants during the competitions. If an accident happens during, on the way to or from the competition, the participants will be covered by this insurance. Contact SAIF if an accident happens in connection to a Studentiad. It is very important to save all your receipts from any hospital visit so it could be reported to Folksam.

Alcohol- and drug policy

The arrangement  follows The Swedish Sports Confederation and Swedish doping rules concerning doping. It will not be accepted that alcoholic beverages or/and drugs are consumed in connection to an ongoing competition. The participants may be tested for doping by RF/Swedish doping. The participants who is using medication classified as doping have to bring an original certification signed by a doctor. It is every participants own responsibility know the rules off doping. If tested positive for doping under or in connection to the competition or the event, individual results that have been achieved during the competitions automatically will be invalid. If more than one person from one team test positive they can be disqualified or be sentenced to another disciplinary penalty. If a participant is affected by alcohol or other drugs in connection to the competition the arranger or the judge will disallow the person concerned, away from the competition area. If a person in the audience is found to be consuming alcohol during the competitions they will be asked to leave the arena or stop consuming alcohol.


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