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Studentiaden was first arranged 2005 in Uppsala by SAIF and several other associations in Uppsala. Since then the competition also have been arranged in Karlstad (KAUIF), Linköping (LSIF), Täby (KTH-hall IF), Bosön (Bosö IF), Falun (DSIF) and Vaxjö (VUGI). Every year the event curls about 500-1000 students from all over the country to compete and socialize.

Our purpose, vision and goal is that Studentiaden should be one of student sports most important venues, an arena who gets  swedish student sports together. The event will summon students from all over the country to hang out with sports in focus, and will also contribute to an active lifestyle for students in Sweden. Studentiaden shall reflect swedish student sports both in local and national perspective, and shall at the same time be an arena for development and knowledge for both participants and arrangers.


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Skribent: Josefin Trogen
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